The Impact of Highland Stone Retaining Walls

Stone Retaining Walls

What is a Highland Stone Retaining Wall? It’s a specific type of retaining wall constructed from concrete blocks designed to resemble natural stone. These blocks come in many colors and textures, allowing for the creation of various wall designs. Highland Stone Retaining Walls are frequently employed to fashion privacy screens, terraces, and support slopes.

Popular With Homeowners

The reason they’re so wildly popular with savvy owners is that they’re both attractive and functional. These retaining walls are solid and durable and will endure the elements for many years. In addition, they are straightforward to install, and anyone with basic DIY skills can even install them.

Many Uses

Highland Stone retaining walls typically serve the purpose of holding back water and soil. However, they can also find utility in a wide range of other applications, including:

Creating terraces: You can use retaining walls to build decks in your yard, providing additional space for planting or seating.

Deflecting water: Retaining walls can also deflect water away from your home or other structures.

Enhancing slopes: Also, retaining walls can help maintain gradients and prevent erosion. This can be the most important in areas with heavy rainfall or slides.

Privacy screens: Highland Stone retaining walls are also an excellent option for creating privacy screens around your property or for a specific area such as a pool or patio.

Easy Maintenance

One of the gains of using Highland Stone retaining walls is their easy upkeep. Unlike natural stone walls that may require frequent repairs and maintenance, these concrete block walls are designed to withstand the test of time with minimal keeping up required. Keep them clean and debris-free, and they will follow, looking stunning year after year.


How long should retaining walls last?

A stone retaining wall should last from 40 to 100 years (or even more). A stone and concrete retaining wall should last from 50 to 100 years.

What time of the year is best for building a retaining wall?

Moves earth projects are often best planned for early to summer. Why? It’s primary because that’s part of the year between the spring showers and those sudden summer downpours in most of the US. This means the ground is less likely to become excessively wet or dry, making it easier to work with and preventing erosion. Furthermore, the weather is typically more stable during this time of year, aiding in keeping projects on schedule.

In general, take advantage of early to mid-summer for anything that involves earth movers. Of course, the rule always has exceptions, so make sure you speak to your local experts for advice.

Why do so many homeowners choose Highland Stone for the retaining walls in their yards?

The Highland Stone® retaining wall system’s one-of-a-kind color mixes and variety of sizes capture the beauty of centuries-old, hand-stacked walls.

Final Words

A Highland Stone Retaining Wall is an excellent option for adding a retaining wall to your property. These retaining walls are, I love, functional and easy to install. Best of all, they can add value to your home and make your outdoor space much more enjoyable.


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