How Often Do Kittens Go To Bathroom

How Often Do Kittens Go To Bathroom

If you are a kitten’s parents and want to know how often kittens go to the bathroom? The question is simple. But the answer is quite tricky, as how often kittens go to the toilet depends¬†on some factors.

Also, there is several essential quarries are included with the kitten’s bathroom habits, like, what their poop looks like, what the smell is, whether it is normal or not.

Go through our details guide to know about the kitten’s poop routine and know how to encourage them to go bathroom.

How Often Should Cats Poop?

Healthy cats should go to the bathroom after every meal. Also, if their digestive system is better and takes their food multiple time, they should poop once or twice daily. Timely bathroom habit is an essential thing for the kitten’s health. But it depends on many factors, including diet, stress, and health conditions. Let’s have a look at the elements.

Inappropriate Diet

When your kitten takes more high-carbohydrate dry kibble, they will poop frequently as a high-carbohydrate occur more bowel movement. Again, a wet or raw diet results in fewer bowel movements, as they have higher digestibility ratios.


If your kittens are stressed, their regular bathroom habit or routine can get messy. For example, when they in a trip, meeting with other unknown members,s or going to the vet, they can feel anxious and cause irregular poops.

Health Conditions

Kitten’s health condition also leads to more or less bowel movements in them. Besides, if they face any health issues, including hyperthyroidism, kidney condition, irritable bowel syndrome, and obstructions, can cause irregular poops. Hence, all these digestive things are vital in balancing the kitten’s gut microbiome. ,

On the other hand, A kitten’s microbiome helps digestion, communicates with the brain, and attacks harmful pathogens, as it is a combination of hundreds of microorganisms. So, a healthy gut microbiome is a factor in regular bowel movements.

However, food allergies and dietary intolerances can disrupt the cat’s bathroom schedule.

How to kitten

What does normal cat poop look like?

To check the cat’s poop, you can check their litter box while cleaning it. If the poop looks abnormal, it is usually noticeable. Normal poop’s color is dark brown, and it is not too soft or too hard.

On the other hand, abnormal cat poop might seem like lots of hair mixed in, thin, ribbon-like, rock-hard, trim, tarry or runny, forty or mucousy. If you see these symptoms in their poop, you should contact the veterinarian to set up an appointment. Also, they can ask you to collect your cat’s stool sample and show it to them.

When to Fear About Constipation

Knowing that kittens vary significantly in how often they go to the bathroom is essential. Usually, a healthy kitten pees every few hours and passes stool from 1 to 6 times a day. Also, it depends on their age, G1 health, and care.

Again, sometimes they wait to stool for 24 to 48 hours. It is natural, and you do not need to worry about this. If they are not pooping for over 48 hours, it is a matter of concern. You can feed them liquids and try some home remedies.

Due to the prolonged constipation, the kitten can feel discomfort, including bloating and straining. At this time, you should take special care of your kitten. It is better to take the veterinarian’s advice before acting.

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Pooping?

A cat can go without pooping for 48 hours. They can stool outside of the litterbox due to constipation and can vomit. Hence, if three days have passed, you should take action to solve the constipation.

Again, constipation can lead to obstipation, and it can cause severe issues for the cat’s health. It is better to visit a vet before trying home remedies for constipation.


When to See Your Veterinarian?

When you notice several symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, or any abnormal changes in a cat’s pooping behavior, you should take suggestions from the veterinarian.

What If My Cat Poops More Than Twice a Day?

The vets said that it’s okay if your kitten poops twice a day. Also, if it is regularly pooping more than twice a day and the poop’s color is natural and has consistency, there is no need to worry.

When Exactly Will My Kitten Start Pooping?

Usually, before completing three weeks old, kittens can’t poop on their own. After this period, they can start pooping with the help of their mother. The kitten’s mother should encourage them to poop by themselves. When the completes four weeks, the kitten will start pooping without help.


A kitten can pee every hour and poop after every meal or twice a day. Besides, how often a kitten goes to the bathroom depends on several factors, like diet, stress, and health conditions. Health issues like hyperthyroidism, kidney conditions, and obstructions can affect the kitten’s gut microbiome and cause irregular poos.

On the other hand, a cat can go without pooping for 48 hours. After passing this period, parents should take the vet’s suggestions about constipation.¬†Hence, take proper care of your lovely kittens and get them healthy!


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